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This site is dedicated to Batman's dangerous, dualistic foe, Two-Face, and his efforts to bag the Bat during the 1998 "Capture the Batman" Play-By-e-Mail game. I am Greyshade, and I played Harvey Dent - former Gotham District Attorney, former friend of Bruce Wayne, and tragic villan from the Batman mythos. The game has concluded, with my alter-ego ending up - in most appropriate fashion - tied for second place! That's right, Two-Face was one of two villans tied at number two. Harvey couldn't have chosen any better.

Follow the action of the Capture the Batman PBeM!

Round One

Round Two
Round Three
Round Four

Off-the-Cuff Links

Pay a Visit to Warner Brothers' Official Batman The Animated Series Site, featuring a great bio of our bifurcated buddy and LOTS more!

Enter Two-Face's Tower of Tranquility and Terror, a large (and hyperactive) Two-Face site. Not incredibly browser-friendly, but a lot of content..

Try on The Mantle of the Bat 2, a wonderfully eclectic site with something of interest for any Batfan. Warning: a frames-only site, and has a MIDI that automatically loads.

Check out the online Coin Flipper, and make decisions the Harvey Dent way - virtually!

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