Episode VII: Grey Dawn

It is five years after the destruction of the second Death Star.
Yet half the galaxy still suffers under the shadow of what remains of
the shattered Empire. Petty tyrants and military dictators fight to retain
a stranglehold on beleaguered star systems. The hastily-formed
New Republic struggles to liberate these captive worlds and secure
a lasting peace. Now their success rests in the hands of loyal but untested
troops, mercenaries, independent freedom fighters,  and a new generation of Jedi...

Welcome to Star Wars: Grey Dawn, a page of links to Star Wars PBEM's run by or involving Greyshade.
None of these games are currently active, but you never know.  The ways of the Force are mysterious...

Ben Kenobi's Journal

This was a fun little piece of fiction I wrote as a prelude to one of my games. In Special Forces, it was found by some Jedi who had returned to Tatooine for training.


Meet Jaff Cobol, a former pirate turned merchant. He serves as first mate of Captain Dorrin Sejanis' Hacker, a former mining barge specially modified to haul and protect cargo. Star Wars: Shattered Empire was a PBeM run by Leslie L.

Star Wars: Shattered Empire


Captain Joan Blackhawk, TIE-interceptor pilot, heir to Darth Vader, serving two consecutive life sentences...

Beuford St. John Harkenon, spoiled 18-year-old merchant prince, concieved by means outlawed since the Clone Wars...

Are Miklot, bounty hunter from an Outer Rim race driven mad by the Force...

Sha Ahree, Reptilian ex-smuggler, first nonhuman pupil of the Force in generations...

Aeon, an acolyte frozen in Bacta 4,000 ago...

Meet the new breed of Jedi.

Trained by Luke Skywalker and Jedi Holocron Vin DeBoda, they must face the Rimward Imperial Navy under the command of Grand Moff Worsel, an evil sorceror known only as The Machshayfa, and a swirling black vortex that has appeared in dreams as their destiny....

Special Forces was a Star Wars RPG game that Greyshade started in Seattle many years ago. After moving out of town, he converted the campaign to a PBeM. The storyline never completed, but their destiny involved attempted genocide and a huge space-going life form known as the Star Whale...

Star Wars: Special Forces


No cargo restrictions. No fee limits. No inconvenient morals.

The Feldspar was a ramshackle TL-1800 transport, running anything from guns and spice to more "legitimate" cargo. Her captain, Reesen Mahl, was a woman who would consider being called "unscrupulous" a compliment.

The ship was maintained by D.T., an oftimes-drunken technician with slovenly habits and a flair for the improvised. Other crew included Sha-Ahryee, a powerful lizard-like alien and former pirate with a particular hatred for slavers; and Viper, a re-programmed, independent-thiniking Imperial Probe Droid.

In just a few adventures, the crew of the Feldspar managed to get on the bad side of some gun-running syndicate types, narrowly avoid destruction in an asteroid field, and be near-accomplices to the abduction of a Jedi Knight. This RPG was run by greyshade about once a month, but has now permanently merged with the Special Forces PBeM.

Star Wars: Feldspar

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